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Jul. 8th, 2010

Looong time no post, sorry about that - basic explanation is that I've been eating dreadfully.

Anyone got any ideas for interesting salads, on that note? Meat is fine - I need to get protein back in my diet, so although I'm still eating a very small amount of meat it does occasionally make an appearance - but nut free and gluten free are kind of essential.

I never used to be such a delicate flower, honest... XD
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question: has anyone made cake with yellow pepper in? Because it is so tasty and so sweet, I thought it'd make a pretty damned good cake. My dad made beetroot and banana cake over Christmas which was SO SO GOOD, and I was thinking... maybe yellow pepper and walnut?

(if I get the recipe for the cake my dad made, I'll pass it on. ;))


*dusts off podium*

*taps mic* Hello, is this thing on?

So, since the inauguration of this comm I've cooked for myself a lot more (and made Becca's avocado egg salad like, ninety times) but I've done almost no experimentation. This morning I want to try making some English muffins, and I will no doubt follow the recipe word for word, ounce for ounce, and produce something certainly very close to the original (although it's less likely with baking than cooking since I come from a long line of dreadful bakers). But I can't imagine adding my own stuff! The closest I come to changing a recipe involves adding salt to it or substituting ingredients because I don't stock baking powder in my bunker apartment down south.

Do any of you have this problem? If you do experiment, how did you get started trying?

To ensure that this is not totally navelgazing, here is the recipe I want to try, and here is an extended meditation on the art of the five minute chocolate mug cake.

recipe: Mushroom soup

Taaaaaasty, just made it. :D

Slosh some oil and melt some butter in a pan, then add two finely chopped cloves of garlic and a roughly chopped punnet of mushrooms. (You probably don't call them punnets, but I don't care. :D) Once those have softened up, add a decent amount of thyme and a pint of boiling water with a veggie stock cube melted in it, then add more water until the mushrooms are more than covered - definitely want them floating. Add a cubed baking potato and bring it back to the boil, then simmer it for as long as you want - I kinda forgot about it and left it for an hour or so. Then use a hand processor thing - if you have one - to squish it up even smaller.


recipe: PANCAKES

I just made rice flour pancakes, using just water and rice flour, with a little chili and salt added. The consistency was a little hard to get right, and without the eggs they cooked faster and less visibly, which made for a couple of mistakes, but it was pretty tasty with the paprika-est sauce I've ever made added to it. That, for the record, was sweetcorn, green pepper, red pepper, mushrooms, onion and more paprika then you could shake a forest at, plus passata. Seeeeeriously tasty. In small quantities, because my stomach is trying to kill me, and we'll see how good an idea it was soon, but it was taaaasty.

I'm still trying to work out which flour is best for what; I've still got rice flour left and I don't want to experiment with other flours until I've finished it.

Does anyone have any experience using other non wheat flours? What were they good for?

Chickpea soup

Soup has never been something I've mastered. Mine tend to come out tasting of nothing or so solid that you can slice them. I wanted to have a go tonight, though, and tried to use a friend's recipe for chickpea soup, except I lacked half the ingredients, so this is Most Of Zoe's Chickpea Soup:

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lentil stir-fry, sort of

I don't know if this even counts a recipe so much as "a way I like to make lentils." Also, nothing really gets fried. My first post and I am already full of lies.

You will need:

- lentils, any kind. (I've made it with black and green ones so far)
- brown sugar
- soy sauce
- assorted vegetables, if you want!

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Oct. 4th, 2009

Yesterday, I was going to make lentil soup. And then it turned out that we had hardly any good soup vegetables -- either we used them all up or I was misremembering -- so I made mushroom-barley-oh-yeah-and-some-lentils soup instead. In honor of this, I post the recipe for the kind of soup I was initially going to make! (I can do it for the mushroomy one too, if there's interest. But this is my handy basic framework soup.)

Fair warning: I pretty much never measure ingredients. Do not look for precise amounts here. Luckily, this soup is immensely forgiving as far as that goes! Also, the recipe is long because I am rambly, but it's dead easy; it's basically "toss a bunch of stuff in a pot, wait a while, toss in a few more things, wait some more, and then eat. OM NOM NOM."

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ETA: This is vegetarian, at least if you use vegetable broth rather than chicken, and easy to make vegan if you just opt for oil instead of butter. Easy to do gluten-free, also, if you pick a non-gluten-y starch. If you're a meat-eater, you could certainly use chicken broth, and/or toss in a bit of ham early on to simmer its flavor into the soup.


1 x passata

2x peppers

1x onion

manyx mushroom

SOME tomato puree


Peppers & onion baked inna sunflower oil

PLUS lots (LOTS) of paprika

PLUS mushrooms and tomato pureee

fry and stuff

ADD mushrooms

fry more


add, like, a washoutness of passata carton.


Tastes really goddamn good with sweet potato mash and quorn sausages