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recipe: PANCAKES

I just made rice flour pancakes, using just water and rice flour, with a little chili and salt added. The consistency was a little hard to get right, and without the eggs they cooked faster and less visibly, which made for a couple of mistakes, but it was pretty tasty with the paprika-est sauce I've ever made added to it. That, for the record, was sweetcorn, green pepper, red pepper, mushrooms, onion and more paprika then you could shake a forest at, plus passata. Seeeeeriously tasty. In small quantities, because my stomach is trying to kill me, and we'll see how good an idea it was soon, but it was taaaasty.

I'm still trying to work out which flour is best for what; I've still got rice flour left and I don't want to experiment with other flours until I've finished it.

Does anyone have any experience using other non wheat flours? What were they good for?


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Jan. 9th, 2010 01:19 am (UTC)
New here, GF 4.5 years
I mostly bake sweets and I haven't gotten my pie crust mojo back yet.

Oat flour is my go-to flour for pancakes and cookies. It's tender and moist and not quite as thirsty as other flours.

Masa harina and cornstarch (with some other stuff) make a decent (if easily burned) crisp cookie.

I'm experimenting with rice flour and mochi--I've got the texture almost there, but I don't have the bean paste down and my formation was ... messy.

Buckwheat makes an interesting pancake, tho at this point I feel it's got a stronger flavor than I want in a lazy-morning breakfast. It's got great structure, but the color and flavor can be off-putting (Buckwheat really is one of my favorite flours, honest!)

I mostly use potato starch for angel food cake.

I think that's most of the flours I use regularly.
Jan. 10th, 2010 09:45 pm (UTC)
Re: New here, GF 4.5 years
Thanks so much for the info, that's really awesome!
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